Piano Practice Tips: Most Common Piano Practice Mistakes


Not actually practicing – both children and adults have their own busy lives and as a result, it is easy to make mistakes of not prioritizing practicing the piano or making it as a secondary priority with regards to other activities or tasks. All of us will surely go through times where we find it difficult to practice, on the other hand, once you start enjoying to play the piano, your practice time will become a time that you would always look forward to. Try to allot some time or times every single day when practice is part of your routine such as brushing your teeth.

Set up the keyboard in a place that is out of sight, hence, out of mind – setting up the keyboard in a back room that you rarely go into or worse, placing the keyboard away in a cupboard with the intent of getting around to practice some day is not a means to encourage a habit of practicing the keyboard at home. Rather, set the keyboard in a prominent place such as the dining room or living room where it can easily be accessed and where the mere eight of it will give you a reminder to practice. To learn more about piano, check out https://www.britannica.com/art/piano.

Practice for long sessions – much like similar to pruning hedges, little and frequently is the key. Even professional musicians would still practice at least 6 to 8 hours a day and don’t remain at the keyboard or piano for more than 30 minutes in any one sitting. They usually take regular breaks and will come back to various aspects of their practice for each somewhat short session. And for almost all of the piano students, a reasonable number of hours for practice is about 30 minutes a day and for the adults, doing this is one sitting may be suitable. For a couple of students particularly the kids, 1 to 2 short sessions of about 10 to 15 minutes per day is typically much more effective. And whatever the circumstances are, a rough guide is to only practice for as long as you can until you become mentally tired. Find piano teachers near me!

Practice what you already know – it may be a lot of fun to play through chords or songs that you are already accustomed with, on the other hand, what are you really learning? A lot of students get so thrilled with they feel like the just made a progress in their adult piano lessons and as a result, they continue playing the piano with what they just learned instead of making an effort to learn something uncertain or new.


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